Log into the system via NextCloud or by using your MyIFE or Panasonic credentials.


DART Login


Log in via DART.

Log in via NextCloud.

NextCloud is the new application portal for accessing Panasonic ground tools and systems using a single sign-on.

Why are there two login options?

From September 2023 we will begin migrating user authentication to Panasonic's NextCloud portal.

This will be a ongoing process over the next 2 months, and we ask for your patience dealing with alternative logins until all users are fully migrated, whereafter the "old" login will be removed.

Please start by trying the usual login (left hand side)
If that login doesn't work (and you are sure you entered a valid user name/password combination), you may have been migrated so try the login on the right (nextcloud.aero).
If you are still having issues getting in, for example you see an error message telling you to contact your administrator, please open a Konos ticket with the title "Unable to log into DART via nextcloud.aero."

Thank you,
The DART team

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